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'Wedding Confetti'

News, Notes, and Confessions of a Wedding Lover!

I am so excited to announce… ‘Wedding Confetti’ - it's my new blog designed as a two-way conversation with just us wedding chicks, looking at the latest and greatest wedding trends and ideas. What works, what doesn’t, what’s new or traditional…. and something Blue (sorry couldn’t help myself)

If you're anything like me, you pour over wedding blogs and invest loads of money on wedding magazines, binge out on wedding shows in your PJ’s, you're a closet wedding scrapbooker person, and someone who can’t wait for the next celebrity wedding. Sound familiar? If so, we are kindred spirits – Helloooo you’re a Wedding Lover 😊.

I am a self-proclaimed wedding groupie. There I said it. I am a….

· Hopeless Romantic – Love at first sight, soul mates, and serendipitous encounters.

· Fearless – famous for saying “if they can put a man on the moon – we can do that”!

· Optimistic and a true believer in Wedding Magic.

· Detailed Oriented -that’s code for ‘hyper-focused’ and picky.

· Lover of the wedding art form and those who possess creative talents.

They say the first step to recovery is admitting your addiction. Phew, I feel better already! 😊

I have been in the Wedding business for over the last 25 years and during that time I have been blessed with so many opportunities. Over that last few years, I noted a change in the way people want to exchange their vows. People want an exceptional experience that is uniquely theirs, without all the stress of a traditional wedding, must be cost-effective and where it's all about you, your love, and the life you are building together?

What’s a Pop-Up Wedding? – Here’s what I think it is…People are looking to celebrate their nuptials in a meaningful way without the endless to-do lists that often accompany traditional weddings. A pop-up wedding is where a beautiful but temporary venue is created and hosts several couples to exchange their vows in short and intimate ceremony. Pop-up weddings are about making it as easy as possible and, because more the one couple, will be marrying in the same venue (at different times, of course), the costs are shared, making it a smart and affordable option.

Sooo I decided to rebrand my traditional wedding business and embrace the Pop-Up Wedding trend that I believe is here to stay. OK here is the shameless promotion of the new business… Rogue & Vogue Weddings.

Vogue & Rogue Weddings provides a fresh approach to Traditional Wedding Ceremonies... Intimate Pop-Up Weddings in unlikely places. We are the only pop-up wedding service in and around the St. Lawrence & The 1000 Islands, in Ontario Canada. Offering an affordable alternative that allows you to celebrate in front of friends and family without the stress of planning or paying for every detail.

The 2020 season is dedicated to capturing the beauty of the St. Lawrence River, rich historical past of those who came before us and lavish ceremony styling/décor in keeping with the year’s most fashionable trends.

I hope you will come along and share this new journey with me as the business unfolds. Check out our website for updates.

I would love to hear your thoughts on Pop-Up Weddings.

· Do you know anyone who has had a Pop-Up Wedding?

· Do you think Pop-Up weddings are a fad or will they become the new wedding norm?

· If you're not married yet, would you consider a Pop-Up Wedding?

· If you are married, would a Pop-Up Wedding have been something you would have wanted instead of a traditional wedding?

Chat with GG – Lines are open 😊


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